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good housekeepingWhen I have a particularly stressful day, I come home and chop the shit out of some garlic or mandoline slice the hell out of some fennel. And then I feel at peace with the world. I learned the basics of cooking from my mom. She’s an amazing cook and incredibly calm and confident in the kitchen, and I try to emulate her behavior when I’m hosting a dinner party and sweating the details. At INSEAD, I don’t have the energy to be the hostess with the mostest very often (I cook regularly for my housemates, but have only hosted two dinners in the last four months, as compared to my usual biweekly rate), so maybe I shouldn’t take it so personally when one of my friends said that I “just don’t look like someone who’d know her way around a kitchen.” I console myself that another friend said, “you’re such a good cook. You’ll be married by the end of the year if word gets out.” Um… let’s hope it doesn’t.

[Mama, Papa, don’t read on, ok?]

Last night my roommate walked into the kitchen to find me sauteing some courgettes while wearing three inch stilettos and a tiny black dress. The scene was very 1950s Good Housekeeping. He took one look and busted out laughing hysterically. I was trying out an outfit for the Iberian Week party and then realized that I was hungry. Though after I finished cooking I discovered that I couldn’t actually eat a bite and still hope to breathe in the black dress. So the courgettes are still sitting in the fridge.

I did not expect to find myself single at INSEAD. When I got to campus in early January, despite the hick-ups that the boyf and I experienced in -13C-filthy-covered-in-dog-shit-everything-is-closed Paris over New Year’s (namely: his selling out and taking the train home two days earlier than planned), I was still introducing myself as happily-attached. I had decided that the polite thing to do was to bring up your partner about 3-5 minutes into a conversation with a new person in order to signal to the other party that you’re being friendly because you’re a friendly person, and not because you find the other person dreamy. That’s the protocol anyways.  It didn’t fool you, who let me borrow your jacket during the orientation week circle jerk/team bonding exercise.  You’re dreamy.

Then, as I’ve covered previously, the relationship was no more. In terms of Hall’s Model of Frictional Employment, I am currently unemployed (as contrasted to my student status at INSEAD = out of the labor force). If I spend at least 45 minutes per week entertaining the idea of my next “employment”, I will remain classified as unemployed. If, on the other hand, I become discouraged and stop looking, or go crazy and become institutionalized, I’ll be considered out of the dating equivalent of the work force. The play force? [Um…. get it?] I’ll agree with my favorite MGE professor that there are no monetary unemployment benefits to being single, but I’d argue that the intangible benefits are new-found free time, the energy to stay out dancing until 5AM, smiling more, lack of drama.


Now, unfortunately the majority of men on this campus don’t even realize that I’m a woman. Wearing clogs and hoodies all winter probably didn’t help with that. I’m guessing I’m not even on the much-talked-about-but-never-seen spreadsheet of available women. (Makes the world spreadsheet sound kinda dirty.)

However, being unemployed without making an idiot of myself might prove difficult. Taking on a talent manager was the first step, though that might turn out to be more of a liability.

[Right in front of me] “Hey what about him? Oye, amigo, are you single?”

“No, dude, I’m married.”

[I’m off to chop some garlic, but this post is to be continued…]


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