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Sin Título

Please note that if we have not received this tuition payment by 28 November 2008 INSEAD will immediately allocate your place to another participant.

Dear Ranie Krishnan,

I find the threatening tone of your e-mail disrespectful and insulting.  I expect better from the administration to the “business school for the world”.    

When the scholarship committee didn’t bother to get back to anyone when they said they would, I do not recall receiving a single word of communication from you or anyone in your group, letting us know when the decisions would be made or offering an apology for the [month] belated responses.

It appears that the financial administration of the school does not hold itself to the same standards to which it holds its MBA participants.  Threatening students with the revoking of their place in the class does not go a long ways towards building good-will and respect between the students and the administration.  

Sincerely yours,



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