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This morning I took a 4 hour Foundations of Marketing exam. Actually I ran out of space two hours into the exam and had to stop since content outside of the lines wouldn’t be graded. So really, it was the exam graded based on someone’s ability to write really really really small. Turns out, that kind of advance planning is not one of my strengths.

The value of having taken that exam is zero to everyone involved. I didn’t learn anything from taking it; I won’t read the solutions because by the time it’s graded I won’t care. The grader is going to need a new prescription after deciphering the exam. The professor had to waste his time writing it. Oh wait… no he didn’t. He had to find an old case from a course taught last year and give it again. I could have taken the exam and come up with that same misguided, uninformed answer if I had taken it two months ago – that is, before we started the class.

What’s amazing is that during the exam you’re not allowed to go to the bathroom unaccompanied. It’s an open book exam, everyone is checking their e-mail on their Crackberries anyhow, and they have some admin follow you to the bathroom!! What’s next? A big block of wood to use as a hallpass when you leave class? The middle school analogy holds.

Exams are an incredible waste of everyone’s time. When we only have 8 weeks per period, spending an entire week on evaluating performance is a complete crock. On a per term basis, INSEAD just wasted 1250 of my hard-earned (err… hard-borrowed) euros to conclude that I didn’t learn squat in Marketing. If we had projects – come up with a marketing plan for your brilliant business idea / apply Blue Ocean Strategy tools to your entrepreneurial business plan / apply transfer pricing tools in a client consulting engagement – I might be down. But sitting in an amphi for 4 hours, writing in a script that will need a magnifying glass to decode, is a waste of time.

To add insult to injury at the end of this brilliant day, I was stopped by campus security who demanded to see my badge and then wrote down my name. I’m going to be officially reprimanded!


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