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Rocking it Old Skool

nikos-on-europe[photo credit goes to Nick B.  Thanks!]

Um… can we talk about how cool Nikos Vettas is?   

The dude is keeping it real – old skool.  No fancypants PowerPoints with zooming transitions for him.  No clipart or embedded video.  Nope.  None of this writing on your Tablet PC projected overhead.  That’s for the new kids on the block.  Nikos rocks it with good ole transparencies on the projector (that I’m guessing is about 5 years my senior).  

The guy uses chalk.  Not  scent-free markers on 3M sticky post-it pads on an easel.  CHALK on a blackboard!  You know, like back in middle school!    

None of this touchy-feely, you-are-unique, there-are-no-stupid-questions, new-agey molly-coddling.  You ask a stupid question, and he lets you know it.  Like back in the day when your evil first grade teacher made you stand up to answer a question and keep standing until someone else answered the question right.  Well, minus the standing.   

His presentation skills are quite to the contrary of what our friend at Bain & Co was hired to tell us to do (which was IMHO 3 hours of my life that I’ll never get back).

And yet he manages to keep the whole class engaged, cracking up, participating.  Maybe even learning.  

I love it.  He’s so retro that he’s cool.  

PS. Care to share your favorite Nikos quotes?  Post me a comment!


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