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So…a funny thing happened today.  Not funny-haha… Actually, not funny at all.  

I was sitting in macro, paying rapt attention to the new prof – major improvement over Andy – while at the same time having no clue what was going on.  

So I thought I’d ask a question.  But then I realized that I didn’t know what question to ask.  Beyond raising my hand and going, “um, professor. I’m so freaking lost.  Uhh…. dduuuuuh… what’s with the interest rate?”  

So I did that.  Picture me twirling a curl around my finger and biting my lip a little while asking, then blushing violently.  

Luckily Pierre-Olivier was kind enough to say that it was a good question.   

What’s more is that I also realized that it’s been quite a while since anyone had asked a question in class – one that wasn’t mean to demonstrate how clever they are and how well versed they are in international political theory.  But an honest-to-Gd-I-don’t-get-what’s-going-on kind of a question.   

In P3, you’re no longer allowed to act like you don’t know what’s going on.  Perhaps I have Pekka to thank for discouraging asking questions or attempting to understand the material.

Everyone is so cool in P3.  It’s uncool to admit understanding the material – because the only reason you’d study is because you worry about failing.  I’m onto you, people.  I know you’re clueless just like me.  Just raise your hand and admit it.  Maybe we’ll all learn something as a result.


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