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P1 ended with exams that (with the exception of Accounting) certainly did not insult anyone’s intelligence, and probably did a fine job of separating the men from the boys.  While everyone pretended not to care how they did, most people stuck around afterwards discussing the exam questions.  I had a dream about one of the finance questions some 2 days later – I think I had to do that question in an interview.  WTF?

Post exam, it was curious to see the nationalities all grouping together, and debating Question 3 of finance in Italian, Greek, Arabic, etc.  Immediately after UDJ, everyone got properly drunk at the bar, and eventually headed off to get more drunk and very sunburnt in Chamonix.  

Being antisocial, I did my own thing and got yelled at by some INSEAD alumni friends of the boy who said that we both should have gone on the Chamonix trip.  

Now I’m officially a P2.  I so didn’t want to be back on campus today.  I wanted to be somewhere in a real city, with real shops, and real restaurants, and real chamber music.  Where you can walk 8 miles in a single day, feel exhausted and barely cover a part of the city.  Where they have kebabs and curries that are to die for.  Where jeans still cost an arm and a leg despite the recession.  Okay, that last part I’m not so keen on.  And then at the end of the day, instead of leafing through your 6 binders of course readings and wondering how you’re going to read 4 cases and still be up by 7AM, you can watch episodes of Lost and 30 Rock, or read a novel about that really cool city you’re visiting.  Yeah, a novel.  With fictional characters that you can relate to.  And a plot.  Remember those?

But after the first session of Strategy, things started looking up.  P2 is going to be far more interesting than P1, if the first case of Process Operations Management (deliciously abbreviated to POM) is any indication.  P2 is also when the on-campus recruiting starts out in earnest.  I’m really torn about whether or not to put on a monkey suit and go make nice with the consulting firms.  

On one hand, consulting would be a great way to pay off those loans early.  On the other hand, I might be too precious to work 90 hour weeks.  Consulting is the easy answer to the question of what to do with yourself.  This is of course my being presumptuous that these jobs are mine for the taking.      

During my extensive soul-searching (read: unemployment) prior to INSEAD, I thought a lot about what motivates me.  One of those things is ownership.  I’m very possessive.  I need to be responsible for whatever I’m doing.  Owning “strategy recommendations” or a pretty PowerPoint deck at the end of a project just doesn’t seem right.  

But I suppose taking hors d’oeuvres from McKinsey can’t hurt.


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