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Turns out, INSEAD has a Second Life campus.  Apparently it even got some awards for design.  I can’t decide if that’s really cool or really weird.

I’m pretty technology averse.  I don’t know the shortcut keys on my computer.  I borrowed an iPhone for a weekend when it first came out and got bored within moments of playing with it.  My iPod is 6 years old and I haven’t used it in 3.  I can’t work my parents’ universal remote.  My calculator has been with me since the 8th grade.  I don’t ever want to own (another) car.  Microwaves really bug me.  On mine, every time the power goes out you have to reset the time and DATE.  Why the hell does a microwave need to know the freaking DATE?!! 

My impression of Second Life was of a place on the interweb where lonely people – some 16 million of them according to the stats – went to create avatars so they could do things they couldn’t do in their first life: speak without sweating profusely, ask someone out on a date, leave the house, get some.  

But perhaps Second Life provides a platform for interesting interactions that you couldn’t have in real life.  I once heard a bit on NPR about some researcher using Second Life to simulate combat situations or help people get over trauma (something like that anyways) or architectures schools to using the virtual space and its inhabitants to explore building design.

And certainly a lot of people are making a bunch of real money from this virtual economy without any real products.  Though come to think of it… not so different from what was happening on Wall Street.  Actually, the banks in Second Life failed during the last week in January 2008.  The banks in first life followed suit just nine months later!

Or perhaps my instincts were correct.  In my research, I came upon this.  Linden Lifestyles is a comprehensive Second Life shopping blog.  Get this: you can take your REAL money – money you could spend on dinner with a friend, money you could use to buy a plane ticket to Bilbao, money you could donate to NPR – and spend it on a VIRTUAL boob job, some S&M gear or a ten pack of stilletos in different colors (2000L$ – just under a $10) FOR YOUR AVATAR.   





So… I don’t know about you, but I’m already shopping for the scintillating lingerie I plan to wear to that Second Life Nobel Laureate’s lecture or that McKinsey recruiting event.


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