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On being close

I got a great hug today from one of my group mates.  Totally unexpected, but really great.  

It got me thinking about how much I miss being physically close to people.  My friend Anna gives the best hugs in the world.  It’s one of those perfect hugs that lasts forever – you don’t want to, yet you’re always the first to let go.  My friends and I are quite touchy-feeley.  We hug often, walk arm in arm in the streets, hang out in a big pile of intertwined limbs on someone’s couch.  It’s nice.   

I must say that the air kisses are just not doing it for me.  I’d like more hugs.


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Is it just me or is anyone else having a bit of an issue deciding whom to acknowledge in the hallowed INSEAD halls?
For example, say you speak to someone for 5 minutes at a party and (as per usual) forget their name, do they deserve a gentlemanly/womanly nod the next day? Or a smile? Or a full on STOP AND HAVE A CONVERSATION WITH ME.  Or do you just pretend it never happened and you never actually did overshare/declare your undying love/upchuck next to them.  Because what if you do the nod and don’t receive and ackowledgement in return? That, dear readers, is the ultimate faux pas.
Or even worse, say you’ve seen someone so many times and in that particular moment you pass them for the 457th time you just can’t be arsed to say hello.  I mean really, is anyone’s life the worse off for not having greeted each other with gayness and abandon?  Have you committed the mortal sin of not saying hello to every single person you meet? Will your name forever be dragged through the mud as being the “anti social” one that never says hello?
These are interesting questions.
A more interesting experiment is to say hello to people you have never even met, and see what happens.  I’ve tried it, and I guarantee you most acknowledge back thinking that you did meet but it was dark/drunk and live in fear of the anti social tar.
Try it, it’s worth hours of laughs.

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