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I was trying to tell my boyfriend about the LPG class the other day. For those of you outside the INSEAD bubble, LPG stands for Leading People and Groups. Compared to the quantitative (if you can call basic Algebra quantitative) classes, this is the one touchy-feeley course where we talk about leadership.

The conversation went something like this:

Me: ‘and then one day we watched 12 Angry Men and another day we talked about Little Red Riding Hood and Hitler and then we watched some interviews of this mythologist guy who talked about heros slaying beasts and becoming one with the beast by tasting the beast’s blood and then we talked about the difference between vision and delusion and tried to put a definition on charisma, oh and a few weeks ago we did a case study about this band and we role played to negotiate a direction change for the band and for last class we took a leadership survey and we have to write this 3,000-word essay about our group dynamics – oh and you know what’s neato is that a lot of this psych research was started back in the early 1940s in the UK when the military was short of well-bred men who were brought up through the prep schools to take commanding roles, so then they had to develop these psych/leadership tools to evaluate and select leaders from among the hoi-polloi. isn’t that neato? anyways, i was saying…. oh i forget… oh! oh! oh! and! and! and! we did this case study had to give each other feedback and one of the guys in my group said that a negative thing someone said to him he was going to take as a positive so that wasn’t very helpful but it gives me material for my paper and we also talked about scape goats and idolization, and what it’s like be in a group where you are the only one who disagrees with the herd… and it feels like every time i open my mouth in class i feel like GP just goes ‘hmm… okay…’ and then just ignores whatever I said, so I’ve stopped participating. i usually have no idea what i’m saying, and he’s so on to me. i think i’m just gonna try to stay on his good side by showing up to class on time because it seems to be a major pet peeve with him and the fact that the social rep who urges everyone to be on time is never on time himself guarantees that no one is going to take him seriously. and then there are like 3 people in class who dominate all conversation, so it takes the pressure off. and really you just have to pay attention to the last 10 minutes of this 3 hour affair when GP just summarizes the whole thing in theoretical terms, whether or not we actually got through the discussion of themes and were able to get there ourselves. and then you’re like, ‘huh? wtf? what does this have to do with little red riding hood?”

Boy: “so what’s this class about?”

Me: “i have no idea”


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