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Uno de mis amigos told me about the Paris Syndrome as we made our way home down the dirty, dark rues of Fontainebleau.  The street lights in about a quarter of the town were out, making the already creepy town where every street feels like a back alley feel even creepier.  I now have an adorable bike which makes my commute much more pleasant because I no longer run the risk of stepping into dog shit and I don’t have to yield narrow sidewalks to tempestuous French people who don’t respond to words like “bonjour” or “merci” or “pardon”.  

The Paris Syndrome was first reported in 2004 among Japanese tourists who suffered psychotic episodes when their image of Paris did not jibe with the reality they encountered upon visiting Paris.  Some even had to be hospitalized as a result.  True story!


All this made me think that I might be Japanese.  



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